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By serving the residents of Frankston for many years, this has earned us their loyalty and positive remarks. We may be a small boutique business but we most certainly pack a punch when it comes to providing our clients with a personal and satisfactory experience.

We’re always available, so contact us at any time! That’s how good our customer service is and we deeply take pride in that.

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Our Promise To You

If you see the words ‘Carpet Cleaning Frankston’ then one thing must come to mind—we are completely dedicated to our local customers! Let’s be honest, cleaning is time consuming and painful! It’s a hassle to most families, especially if you just want to relax on your weekend. 

So who would do the job? That’s why we want you to leave the cleaning to us! We certainly do a great job at it and to top it off, we ensure that our customers are left satisfied with our performance; so satisfied that they’ll leave a positive review and refer us to their friends and families! 

Our services are tailored to our customer’s needs. For whatever reason you may have for contacting a carpet cleaning service, we will deliver our very best. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. All throughout the years of our experience in this type of business, we understand that every member of the family deserves a clean, fresh house. We extend our love to both people and pets alike and that fuels us to bring nothing but the best service onto the table. Want that fresh, new carpet feeling? Well let’s not delay things and choose us as your carpet cleaning buddy!

Our Services

You don’t need to ask yourself “who is the best carpet cleaner near me” anymore.  

You’ll see for yourself that we are experienced and passionate enough to provide for all your cleaning needs. We want to be the first choice amidst the competition in the cleaning businesses in Frankston and if you’re having doubts, then book a service with us and we will prove ourselves. You will definitely be satisfied with the results! 

We always value the needs of our customers so make sure to contact us today for your no-obligation free quote.

1. Pre-Inspect Carpet
2. Pre-Vacuum Carpet
3. Pre-Treat Spots and Stains
4. Soil Suspension (Pre-Spray Carpet)
5. Move Furniture (if requested)

6. Hot Water Extraction
7.  Carpet and Rug Protector
8.  Foam Blocks or Plastic Tabs for Furniture Feet or Legs
9.  Air Mover to Speed Drying Time (if Needed)
10.  Final Walkthrough for Inspection

We care for both the environment and welfare of your families

So, rest assured our products and cleaning solutions won’t harm you in any way.
The products we use for our services are chosen carefully and we make sure that they are of high-quality and top-rated for the industry.

By utilising top-notch cleaning equipment this will enable us to clean effectively, leaving that pristine finish. Our machines are powerful but also subtle and safe. You can depend on our equipment to rid your carpets of grimy substances, bacteria, dirt, dust and other harmful allergens out of your homes.

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Ensuring that your home or business is maintained, is always essential

You mustn't worry when it comes to our choice of cleaning products. We handpicked these carefully to ensure the safety of our clients’ health. We’re certified and always up to date with our methods and cleaning techniques regarding the industry. So, receiving the best services possible is to be expected from us.

By continually educating ourselves and our team, allows us to provide a service that would please our customers and exceed their standards.

Carpet Cleaning Frankston is a game changer

Carpet Cleaning Frankston’s specialty is a game changer in terms of cleaning. Where else can you hear of a company that is passionate in cleaning? We love our work so much that it shows through our performance that would eventually lead to the satisfaction of our customers. We want to leave a fresh, new, and healthy ambiance in your homes or businesses. By doing so, it creates a stress-free environment for our clients and makes them enjoy their newly cleaned homes or businesses!

Don’t worry, there won’t be any nasty surprises with our services or costs. You won’t receive any unnecessary costs, so you can rest assured that we are trustworthy. Excellence in service is what we take pride in so that long-lasting relationships with clients are established.

Pick up your phone and give us a heads up for your free no-obligation quote! We are happy to be of service to you soon!

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carpet vacuuming

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is our main goal, hence the name of our company. We aim to provide the residents of Frankston the best cleaning service they’ll ever have. Rest assured eco-friendly and high-quality cleaning will be practiced all the time. Our hot water extraction system is safe and won’t damage any part of your carpet. This is consistent with the usage of our cleaning solutions, in order to remove icky substances from carpets.

Our carpet cleaning services ensure that everything that doesn’t belong on a carpet gets eradicated ASAP! Ever heard of HEPA filtered vacuuming? Well, to give you a little insight on that, it’s an environment friendly vacuum that leaves your carpets smelling oh so pleasant!

What’s more, is that aside from carpets, we also have rug cleaning services. Just hit us up and we’ll give your carpets and rugs a good cleaning! Our Rug Cleaning Services Frankston team do an exceptionally good job at clearing out any stubborn stains our of your precious rugs.

Pet odour and stain removal

There are tons of nasty contaminants that can come from your fur babies that could get into your carpets. Pet hair, urine, and faeces could get entangled and embedded in the fibres of your carpets. Simple or heavy vacuuming won’t do the job. Scrubbing it won’t do either (as you’ll push the dirt deeper into the fibres). In addition, oil secretion from their little paws can stick to your carpets and flooring, which would be really cumbersome for you and your family.

You may not be aware of this information but let us enlighten you. A carpet has several layers, namely these are topical, carpet backing, carpet padding, and the sub-floor. Pet stains can seep into these layers and be quite hard to remove. Sadly, the cleaning products and equipment you have stored in your cupboards and cabinets won’t effectively eliminate these stubborn odours. Our tools and products on the other hand, can reach through all the layers. This would eliminate that ‘doggy smell’ everyone seems to complain about.

How to get rid of pet odour?

Our pets (cats and dogs alike) love to roam outdoors. This attracts various substances such as dirt, mud, grass and other stuff onto your furry companion’s paws. This is one of the main reasons why carpets smell bad. Our Pet Odour and Stain Removal Frankston team have got you covered! We can remove those stubborn stains that you see in every corner of your home! The products we use are 100% pet-friendly, so the health of your pets won’t be in danger. 

Tile and grout cleaning

Do your tiles look old and stained? Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Frankston team know the solution for that! We’ll work our magic and make those dirt-filled tiles look as if they were bought fresh from the shop. We are highly experienced and passionate in cleaning, so rest assured that we only make use of cleaning products that do not damage your tiles and grout.

We understand the struggle of cleaning tiles. It won’t do your back or your tiles any justice if you manually clean it with ineffective cleaning methods. You may do more harm to your tiles and posture than good. We’ll get the hard work done for you, easy peasy! Our techniques will restore your tiles to their former glory. First we cleanse, deodorise then apply a finishing coating onto the tiles that will prolong its cleanliness and hygiene.

There’s more to cleaning tiles and grout than cleansing them with some soap, mop and elbow grease. The dirt will accumulate overtime and cause that eyesore of a discolouration.

Steam-based technology is our go-to cleaning method that consists of high pressure rinsing and vacuuming for tile and grout cleaning. We pride ourselves for being capable of going beyond restoration of your tiles, because they look as if they’re brand new and that is more than just restoration! To maintain the look of your now pristine tiles, we use a penetrating sealer to protect the ceramic and porcelain tiles from any stains and mildew for a very long time.

Upholstery cleaning

Let’s not forget the fabrics that cover your furniture also get really dirty. Our upholstery cleaning services remove all kinds of unwanted substances such as soil, dirt, oils and others. No matter what grimy substance is embedded in your fabrics, we’ll get that eliminated right away! Sofas, couches, you name it! We deodorise all types of surfaces and materials as well and add a protective layer onto the furniture to prevent them from getting dirtied again.

Upholstered furniture is made up of different types of fabric and safe fabrics are prone to stains and such. Our Upholstery Cleaning Frankston services can handle all types of upholstery, no matter the material! These require different techniques for each type of upholstered furniture, and these are dealt with using a specialised approach. We wouldn’t recommend you cleaning it all by yourself with everyday household and off-the-shelf products, because the upholstery’s condition might worsen and lose its colour.

Like all our other cleaning services, we also provide deodorising and apply a protective coating in our methods of cleansing. Want to have furniture looking like they’re brand new and fresh? The residents in Frankston highly recommend our services!

floorboard cleaning

Hardwood floor cleaning

A wonderful home consists of good looking, fresh furniture. More importantly, floors are a big aspect to this. You wouldn’t want to have a haunted looking house because of old and dirty floorboards.

Our hardwood floor cleaning services are capable of cleaning all types of hard floor surfaces. By enhancing the use of our specialised equipment and 100% safe cleaning solutions, this will result in your floors looking shiny and newly installed! This type of cleaning service also includes deodorising to keep them from smelling bad. Then there’s our ever-famous protective coating to ensure your floorboards stay in pristine condition. So, when you clean your floors the way you regularly do, it won’t be such a hassle to do it anymore now that your floors are good as new!

How can I preserve my floors?

Now, after we bring those floors back to life doesn’t mean they should be left like that. They would need regular cleaning to maintain their condition. We recommend weekly vacuuming and sweeping. DO NOT use harsh soaps and waxes! These will contribute to the damage on your floors, so harsh stuff is an absolute NO-NO!

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We want to fully satisfy the needs of our customers and in order to do this, we aim to provide the best services Frankston, Victoria that you will ever have! Your confidence in us will continue to boost our passion in cleaning and push us to increase our cleaning performance. We not only pride ourselves in terms of our cleaning services but also our friendliness towards our clients! We LOVE to be of service to our clients!

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Our clients can only expect the best from us. Every cleaning service we have, covers every type of furniture, carpet, upholstery, and floor you have! Harmful chemicals are a no-go for us as we are all about that green life! We always strive to give our 100% performance in cleaning in order to give our customers an experience they will never forget.

Our goal is to make our clients comfortable with their decision in choosing our service. Earning your trust will absolutely be one of our biggest milestones as we value every single customer we will ever have. We’ve mentioned a lot of positive stuff about Carpet Cleaning Frankston, so to sum it all up, we not only clean effectively but also safely to ensure we leave our clients happy and satisfied! 

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